Healthy Start

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Healthy Start: Set Your Child Up For a Lifetime of Excellent Health

Bonita Dental is a proud provider of Early Start orthodontics, a treatment that is backed by more than 40 years of clinical study and documented successful cases.

Healthy Start is an innovative and proven child orthodontics program that sets children up for optimal oral health as soon as their permanent teeth start coming in, eliminating the need for braces or retainers.

Clinical studies show that treating common issues early can help children avoid issues with overall health, such as snoring, ADD/ADHD, bed-wetting and allergies.

The Proven Benefits

Naturally, the Healthy Start program will provide straight, healthy teeth in a way that is far less invasive and more comfortable than traditional orthodontics. Here are a few key benefits.

  • Guides incoming permanent teeth as they come in instead of forcing teeth into place after they come in, as with traditional braces.
  • Full correction can be achieved within two to 12 months.
  • Heathy Start costs only a fraction of what traditional orthodontics cost.
  • Straightens teeth while children sleep
  • Corrects issues such as overbite, cross bite, under bite, crowding and gummy smile in 93% of children.
Dental Health Professionals in Scottsdale
Dental Health Professionals in Scottsdale

More Than Just a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

Healthy Start addresses many of the symptoms associated with Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) by aiding in proper development of the mouth, jaws and airways.

  • Naturally Straightens Teeth
  • Develops Dentition and Jaws
  • Opens Airways
  • Expands Arches

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Thank you to Bonita Dental for helping out our family! The doctor and the staff are thorough, helpful, understanding, consistent, dedicated and compassionate. Their work is flawless! I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful establishment!

- Autumn Allen -

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I recently went in to have some work done that I have been putting off for sometime. I had two crowns that I desperately needed. The entire procedure went well. I have been going there for some time now and the staff has always been friendly. I have two boys that I bring in there too. They always make me feel comfortable which is extremely important to me.

- Andrew -

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