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Bonita Dental, Located in Scottsdale, is dedicated to providing our patients with the leading innovation in dentistry. Using the latest technology allows us to increase the level of comfort and safety for our patients during their dental appointments.

Bonita Dental is please to offer our patients the following innovations in dental technology:

Digital X-Rays – The use of digital radiography reduces the amount of radiation emitted by x-ray equipment, compared to a conventional x-ray head, by 90%. Digital x-rays also provide Dr. Batoon and her team of associated with a clear, more defined exposure. Digital x-rays are also processed immediately, eliminating the time spent developing and mounting conventional x-rays.

The Wand – Ask someone what they fear the most during dental treatment, and chances are they will say getting the local anesthetic, also called freezing. Bonita Dental has invested in an invaluable tool called The Wand. Using a pen-shaped device with a tiny needle on the end, The Wand administers a small drop of anesthetic before the needle even touches your gums, so you won’t feel the pinprick sensation that many people have learned to dread. The Wand is used for patients of all ages.

Intraoral Camera – The intraoral camera uses digital technology to take high resolution photographs inside your mouth. The use of these images helps Dr. Batoon and her associates diagnose and treatment plan procedures. The images can also be sent to your insurance provider for treatment approval.

CEREC – CEREC is a revolutionary machine that allows patients to leave the office after one visit, with a permanent dental restoration. Using a three dimensional digital model of your teeth, the CEREC machine will custom design the dental restoration. Once the design of the dental restoration is set, the information is then sent to a milling unit. This milling unit will then create the actual dental restoration using a block of special ceramic material that closely resembles the composition of your teeth. This newly created dental restoration is then bonded to the tooth that needs to be treated. Final adjustments or alterations can be made to the dental restoration as needed.

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Thank you to Bonita Dental for helping out our family! The doctor and the staff are thorough, helpful, understanding, consistent, dedicated and compassionate. Their work is flawless! I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful establishment!

- Autumn Allen -

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I recently went in to have some work done that I have been putting off for sometime. I had two crowns that I desperately needed. The entire procedure went well. I have been going there for some time now and the staff has always been friendly. I have two boys that I bring in there too. They always make me feel comfortable which is extremely important to me.

- Andrew -

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