General Dentistry

While we deal with major dental problems all the time, we also offer patients the best in general dental care. At the Scottsdale practice of Dr. Diana Batoon, we always strive to ensure that the health and appearance of each patient is addressed, no matter the problem and no matter the patient’s age. With preventative treatments available as well as advanced therapies and the ability to address dental emergencies, you can rest assured that Dr. Diana Batoon can meet the diverse needs of your entire family.

Oral Exams and Cleanings

While cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures are great for dealing with different dental problems, nothing beats preventative dental care. At Bonita Dental, we strive to identify and treat dental problems before they become more serious issues down the road.

It’s important that you visit our practice here in Scottsdale twice a year so that we can clean your teeth and check that your dental health is its best. During an examination and cleaning, we’ll be able to run diagnostic tests and also discuss any dental care matters that are on your mind. By speaking freely with Dr. Batoon and her staff, we can help you enhance your smile’s appearance as well as your overall well being.

Children’s Dentistry

Children have unique dental care needs at different ages. In order to address these matters, dentists need to be patient, kind, and posses a great chair side manner. Dr. Batoon has the demeanor and experience necessary to help your child have exceptional dental health as they grows into adolescence and adulthood.

In addition to regular cleanings and preventative care, we’ll stress the importance of good dental habits, such as brushing and flossing regularly and knowing what else can be done to maintain healthy smiles. Working together with you, we can ensure that your child will have a winning smile for years to come.

Emergency Dental Care

Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. If the accident involves injury to your teeth, it’s important that you get this issue addressed as soon as possible. A chipped tooth, a cracked tooth, or even a tooth that has been knocked out can be salvaged and saved if you undergo treatment in a timely manner.

The team here at Bonita Dental is eager to help patients throughout the Scottsdale area with their dental care emergencies. Even outside of our regular office hours, we encourage you to contact our practice with your emergency so that we can provide you with information and perform the necessary treatment. If you have experienced a serious injury that is more than just a dental care emergency, we urge you to seek medical attention right away.

Dental Sealants

Brushing regularly and flossing everyday are great ways to prevent cavities from forming, but there is an even more effective option to consider. That option is dental sealants. When in place, a dental sealant will serve as a barrier to bacteria and plaque, preventing tooth decay from even occurring.

A dental sealant is made of a layer of tooth-colored composite resin. Once in place, no one will notice the sealant at all. Dental sealants are especially ideal for the surfaces of the back portions of teeth that may have deep cracks or grooves that are vulnerable to decay.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is cracked or severely decayed, there is a chance that the pulp within the tooth can become infected. If infected, this can result in pain and much more serious dental problems. In serious cases, the infection may spread to the tooth root, the jawbone, and other areas. hence it’s important that the dental pulp be removed in a procedure known as a root canal.

During a root canal, the infected pulp within the tooth is extracted. The pulp chamber within the tooth is cleaned to ensure all bacteria is removed and then sealed off. Tooth pain and jaw pain is alleviated, and more serious health issues are prevented from occurring.

Tooth Extractions

The team at Bonita Dental will always strive to save a tooth if it can be saved. However, there are some cases where tooth damage or tooth decay is so severe that inlays, onlays, and dental crowns are no longer viable options. In those cases, a tooth extraction will be necessary.

Tooth extractions can also be performed for other reasons apart from decay or damage. Severe impaction may be a cause for tooth extraction, for instance. We will be sure to discuss this matter with you during your visit to our Scottsdale practice so that you can make the best decision possible concerning your dental health.

Periodontal Care

The health and appearance of your gums is just as important as the health and appearance of your teeth. Gum disease can become a major health problem, for instance. In its early stages as gingivitis, your gums may bleed and be acutely sensitive. The gums may also appear red or swollen. If gingivitis goes untreated and progresses to periodontitis, these symptoms can become much worse, and the results could be major infections of the soft tissues in the mouth and tooth loss.

The above is why we offer patients the latest in periodontal care, including advanced treatments for gum disease and laser dentistry therapies. By offering various gum contouring options and gum disease treatments, we hope to improve or maintain the overall health of a patient’s mouth.

TMJ Treatment

Many people suffer from TMJ disorders even though they don’t realize it. A TMJ disorder refers to the popping, locking, and clicking of the jaw, and can result in headaches, earaches, and jaw pain. In many cases, tooth grinding causes TMJ disorders, which places a great deal of strain on the jaw joint (aka the temporomandibular joint).

There are numerous treatments for TMJ disorders that we offer at our Scottsdale practice. These range from splint therapy and nocturnal bite guards to surgical treatments. Ideally we want to address the root cause of the problem for the most effective possible treatment, so it’s important that you visit with Dr. Batoon for a full examination.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

While snoring can be annoying, it’s generally tolerable. Excessive snoring, however, may actually be a sign of sleep apnea, a serious health issue. Sleep apnea is a respiratory condition in which the airways become blocked, making it difficult to breathe properly while you are asleep. This can result in fatigue during the day due to constantly interrupted sleep.

There are many ways that sleep apnea can be dealt with here at Dr. Diana Batoon Special appliances can be worn at night to improve airflow, for instance, though more involved therapies may be required for serious cases of sleep apnea. All options can be discussed after we’ve assessed your situation in person.

Learn More About Your General Dentistry Options

Whatever dental problem you’re facing and whatever your age, the entire team here can help you. For more information about general dental care, contact Dr. Diana Batoon in Scottsdale today. Dr. Batoon and her team look forward to discussing all of your general treatment options with you in more detail.

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Thank you to Bonita Dental for helping out our family! The doctor and the staff are thorough, helpful, understanding, consistent, dedicated and compassionate. Their work is flawless! I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful establishment!

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I recently went in to have some work done that I have been putting off for sometime. I had two crowns that I desperately needed. The entire procedure went well. I have been going there for some time now and the staff has always been friendly. I have two boys that I bring in there too. They always make me feel comfortable which is extremely important to me.

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